I coauthored Applied Applied Discrete Structures for Computer Science with my late colleague at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Al Doerr. 

  • 1st Edition: 1984.  Written on a Wang Word Processor
  • 2nd Edition: 1989 .OCR of 1st Ed and edited with Word and MathType
  • Our publisher, SRA, was very low-tech.   “no TeX”
  • Features included Pascal and Ada “notes”
  • No internet or computer algebra system
  • By 2010: out of print for years, copyright held by Pearson, but it had been moderately successful while in print.

In 2010, we acquired the copyright from the owner at the time, Pearson Education.   We dropped the "... for Computer Science" from the title and made it an open source text, with a Creative Commons License.

For more information on the current project, go to discretemath.org