Math in the News

  1. WASHINGTON, DC -- Awards for the year’s best mathematics writing were given on July 27 in Chicago by the Mathematical Association of America at MAA MathFest, one of the largest gathering of mathematicians in the country.

    “These award winners represent the best in mathematical writing, and we are proud that they are choosing to publish their work with the Mathematical Association of America,” said Michael Pearson, executive director of the MAA. “Clear and effective writing is the foundation of the mathematical community and the wider scientific community.”

  2. In his first ever show, math Ph.D.-turned-hedge funder-turned artist Nelson Saiers displays work informed by mathematics.

  3. Writing for the Huffington Post, Tim Chartier describes how the Mega Menger project constructed what may be the largest fractal ever built.

  4. Eleven-year-old Ben Lou scored in the top one percent on the American Invitational Mathematics Examination—and he did most of the math in his head.

  5. As reported in The Aperiodical, a new website called Spliddit makes fair division problems easier to solve.