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  1. Evangelista Torricelli born in Faenza, Romagna, Italy. He was an assistant to Galileo during the last few months of Galileo's life and may be best known for extending Cavalieri's method of indivisibles and for his "trumpet."

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    Evangelista Torricelli
    Galileo Galilei
  2. University of Berlin opened by Wilhelm von Humboldt, brother of the naturalist Alexander von Humboldt.

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    Humboldt University of Berlin
  3. Platon Sergeevich Poretsky born in Elisavetgrad, Ukraine. In 1887-88, at Kazan University, he lectured on mathematical logic, the first to do so in Russia.

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    Platon Sergeevich Poretsky
  4. First FORTRAN reference manual published by IBM in San Jose, California, USA.

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