MAA on this day in Math

  1. Albert of Saxony, who wrote an excellent logic text and published two works on squaring the circle, died in (where else?) Saxony.

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    Albert of Saxony
  2. Christiaan Huygens died in The Hague, Netherlands. The mathematician, physicist, and astronomer designed a telescope and a pendulum clock for his astronomical observations.

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    Christiaan Huygens
  3. Alfred Binet, who introduced his famous IQ test in 1905, was born in Nice, France.

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    Alfred Binet
    Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  4. Henri Cartan, who worked on analytic functions and wrote the text Homological Algebra with Samuel Eilenberg in 1956, was born in Nancy, France.

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    Henri Cartan
    Samuel Eilenberg