The latest version of the Baseball package is Version 2.7.0 updated 1/16/2019 

Download a zip archive with the most recent version of  the Baseball package together with a Notebook version of this testing document and sample retrosheet files:  Latest Zip Archive (2.7.0)

1.  Place Baseball.m and the "Baseball" directory into the Applications subdirectory of either $UserAddOnsDirectory or $AddOnsDirectory.

2.  Retrosheet files should be located in a directory called "retrosheet" in your "home" directory.  This directory can be determined by evaluating the following input.  For every set of event files in any year, the corresponding game log file should be present.  The converse isn't necessary (nor is it possible at this time).


The file structure in "retrosheet" should be

            gl    (* directory of game logs  *)
            ef   (* directory of event files *)
                1957eve (for example)
                2018eve (also, for example)

4.  To use the package, first evaluate the input  <<Baseball`.